My photographic adventures really started when I left Ireland in 2001 with my first digital camera. It wasn’t long until I was hooked. I planned to be away for a year but didn’t quite make it back at the end of that first year. One year turned into two and before I knew it I’d been away fifteen years. During that time I moved on from just documenting my travels, eventually became a full-time photographer in 2013 while in New Zealand. My last few years there were spent photographing a mix of real estate, portraits, weddings and of course the stunning landscapes.

I don’t shoot in a studio because it’s not what I enjoy, or a style of photography that I’m particularly drawn to.  My preference is to shoot outdoors, although I can do in-home sessions, mainly when photographing newborns and babies.  When I photograph, I’m not really interested in capturing the perfect you, just the real you! So you don’t have to be in your best clothes or have perfect hair and makeup. If you want to, that’s fine but let’s face it, it’s Ireland….within thirty minutes you’ll probably have red cheeks from wind burn and your hair will look like a cat just slept in it but what’s not to love about that!  I aim to get natural and relaxed images that you’ll enjoy looking back on for many years to come. I’m happiest when I’m out and about exploring. If you’re the same, let’s get out and photograph you in some of your favourite places. 

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